Japan (October 2016): Osaka and Nara


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Dotonbori-gawa canal.




The famous Dotonbori street parallel to the canal is a bustling food destination with flashy restaurants and smaller street vendors.





Neon advertising seen from the Ebisu Bashi bridge over the canal.


Hozen-ji is a small, quiet temple in a narrow alley very close to the burstling Dotonbory streets and arcades. Left: statue of the deity, oddly covered by moss. Center: the temple‛s fountain. Right: Hozen-ji Yokocho, a paved alley adjacent to the temple.


Humanoid street lamps in Amerika-Mura.


Views over Hanshin Expressway near Namba station.



In Isui-en (gardens).





Inside Todai-ji:

- Great Buddha (Daibutsu), 15m high and made of 437 tons of bronze and 130kg of gold.


Left: Kokuzo Bosatsu, the bodhisattva of wisdom and memory. Right: Tamonten, Guardian of the North, Lord Who Hears All.


Adobe walls and tiled roofs.





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