Traverse of Central and Eastern Nepal (2011)

Leg 12: From Barabise to Tsho Rolpa (April 13-18)


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In Barabise (885m) we left Langtang Himal. We successively traversed the villages of Dolangsa, Chilinkha, and Yarsa, before reaching Simigaon (2030m) at the entrance of the Rolwaling valley. We traveled along this valley through the villages of Gyalche, Beding, and Na (4180m) to reach Tsho Rolpa lake at about 4500m. Almost all valleys in Nepal are oriented north-south. The Rolwaling valley is one of the very few (with Langtang valley) that is oriented east-west. It is bordered on both sides by peaks forming what is usually called Rolwaling Himal. It is quite isolated and still visited by few trekkers. But a new Chinese-built road (still under construction) along the Tama Koshi (river) may soon change that.


Field work near Dolangsa (many people for small terraces).


Paintings along the trail near Dolangsa.


Sceneries between Dolangsa and Chilinkha.



Sunrise on the hills facing the village of Chilinkha (bottom right). The peak at the center of the photo, in the far background, is Kalinchowk (3690m). It is the site of a famous Hindu temple that attracts many pilgrims.


Lower (western) part of Rolwaling Himal.


Small gompa.


Village on the hills above the Tama Koshi.





Young girls in Simigaon.


Gompa of Simigaon (early morning) seen just after leaving Simigaon for Rolwaling valley.


Narrow side-valley perpendicular to Rolwaling valley.


Small village of Nyamare before Beding.


Beding, the main village in Rolwaling valley.



Leaving Beding.


Village of Na (looking east toward Tsho Rolpa).


View of Rolwaling valley from Tsho Rolpa (looking west toward Na).


Tsho Rolpa lake.


Kang Nashugo peak (6735m) at sunrise.


Kang Nashugo peak again with Tsho Rolpa (while leaving toward Tashi Lapsa La).



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