Traverse of Central and Eastern Nepal (2011)

Leg 13: From Tsho Rolpa to Lukla (April 19-23)


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In this leg we crossed Tashi Lapcha La (5755m), a relatively difficult pass that connects the Rolwaling valley to Khumbu. Hiking along the south bank of the Tsho Rolpa lake leads to the Trukarding glacier that we followed until the end of the valley. The route then climbs a rock section on the left to reach the Drolambao glacier. The pass is about 2 km further on the eastern side of this glacier. Although no peak around the pass reaches 7000m, the views are awesome. The pass gives access to the Thamo Khola valley and the village of Thame. From there we hiked down to Namche Bazar and Lukla. The trail from Lukla to Namche Bazar is the first section of the classical trek to Everest Base Camp. In one single day we saw more trekkers there than along all the rest of the 2011 part of the Nepal traverse.


Pemba looking at the Trukarding glacier soon after having passed Tsho Rolpa. (At the end of this glacier, on its left side, one can see the steep rock section that must be climbed to reach the Drolambao glacier. The lower part of this glacier is also visible. The Trukarding glacier is about 3 km in length. It was snowing when we reached the rock section and we spent the night there. During the next two days we had perfect weather.)


Along the Trukarding glacier.



Bigphera-Go Shar (6729m) at the end of the glacier.


Bigphera-Go Nup (6668m).


Ascending the rock section above the Trukarding glacier.



The Trukarding glacier seen from the top of the rock section.


Along the Drolambao glacier.


Looking back at our footsteps.


Peak Pacharmo (6273m) seen from below Tashi Lapcha pass.


A view of the pass.


We spent a night at the foot of the pass. This is a view of the surrounding mountain at sunset.


The Drolambao glacier viewed from Tashi Lapcha La.


My team of Sherpas at the pass.


The Thamo Khola valley seen from Tashi Lapcha La.


Starting our descent from Tashi Lapcha pass.


Tashi Lapcha pass seen during the descent.


The small Ngole glacier.


Peak Thyangmoche (6500m) above Thengpo Kharka.


The Thamo Khola valley above Thame.


The Bhote Koshi valley that leads to Nangpa La (near Cho Oyu) at the border of Nepal with Tibet.


Gompa in Thame.


Paintings below Thame.


Thamo village.


Kame, Tshering and Apa Lapa happy to use their cell phones again as we were getting closer to Namche Bazar.


Namche Bazar. (Despite the fact that each year Namche Bazar is larger and has more guesthouses, I still like it very much. All houses are still made of hand-cut stones.)


The trail between Lukla and Namche Bazar is used by many trekkers and porters. Most porters carry goods to Namche Bazar and other villages, since none of them is accessible by road. They may carry up to 60-70 kg. Sometimes their loads are huge and quite unstable.



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