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LaTeX tools

by brian gerkey
  • USCthesis - A LaTeX2e package for formatting your thesis or dissertation according to the University of Southern California guidelines.

    This package is now maintained by Dylan Shell.

  • pubref - A LaTeX2e package for inserting publication references at the top of your papers. It is also available as a (less configurable) shell script for use on existing postscript for which you no longer have the LaTeX source.

    As compared to more conventional methods for inserting headers (such as fancyheadings), pubref is minimally invasive, not changing anything of significance (such as \pagestyle) in your document.

    pubref will insert a header of the form:

    In Proceedings of the Intl. Conf. on Unsustainable Living
    pages 1-4, Los Angeles, California, May 15-16, 2001

    pubref has options for configuration, including font size and whether the header should appear on every page or just the first. Also, thanks to Chad Jenkins, you can choose your paper size (a4 or letter), and also choose the exact (x,y) position for the header. For documentation, check the top of the code: it's pretty simple.

    NOTE: the header will NOT appear in your DVI viewer; rather it will only show up in the final postscript.

    NOTE: pubref will only work if your document is converted to Postscript (e.g., by use of dvips). For example, if you use pdflatex, which directly creates a PDF, then the header will NOT appear. In that case, you should probably use a package like fancyheadings.

    • pubref.sty - the LaTeX package
    • - a shell script to insert the header into existing Postscript documents.
    • - a small sample of the results

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