High Atlas of Morocco:
From Arous to Anmiter
(April 2013)


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This seven-day trek (itinerary in dotted red line in the map below) connects the small village of Arous (yellow dot at the top-right of the map) in the Ait Bou-Guemez Valley to Anmiter (orange dot at the bottom-left) near Telouet. My friend Oumar Oulaїdi (a CFAMM certified guide) arranged for me a muleteer and his mule from the Ait Bou-Guemez Valley to come with me. I did this trek mid-April 2013. The weather was almost perfect, though the air was often hazier than I had expected for that time of the year.



(Click the following links to get the map coverage at full resolution: map1, map2, map3, map4.)


Mohamed, the muleteer selected for me by Oumar Oulaidi, was also an excellent cook and guide. In addition, he speaks very good French.




Click the links below to see photos of this trek:

-      Section 1: Arous to Abachkou

-      Section 2: Abachkou to Tarbat-n-Tirsal

-      Section 3: Tarbat-n-Tirsal to Ait Ali-n-Ito (Oued Tessaout)

-      Section 4: Ait Ali-n-Ito to Tagoukht

-      Section 5: Tagoukht to Anmiter



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