Tajikistan (Summer 2009): Shakhdara range and Vanch valley


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In the summer 2009, I did two treks in Tajikistan. The first was in South-Western Pamir across the Shakhdara range, in the area of Marx and Engels peaks. The second was at the Eastern end of Vanch valley in Central Pamir. To reach the start of the first trek (Vrang village in the Wakhan corridor), we drove from Dushanbe to Vrang through the towns of Kulob and Khorog, along the Panj river that separates Tajikistan from Afghanistan. This river is also known as Amu Darya. In the antiquity it was referred to as the Oxus.


Map: The blue rectangles delineate the two trek areas. The red-dot line is the road itinerary to reach Vrang village from Dushanbe. The yellow-dot-line is the itinerary between the end of the first trek (Jelondy village) and the start of the second (Poimazar village). The green-dot line is the itinerary that we took to return to Dushanbe.




To see pictures of trip click the following links:


1.   Road trip along the Panj river


2.  Trek across the Shakhdara Range


3.  Trek in the upper Vanch valley







On this trip I was accompanied by Victor Kanonir, a wonderful guide and great mountaineer from Tashkent. The logistics (transportation, permits) was arranged by Boris Karpov, who had already arranged my previous trips in Central Asia in 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2008.

Victor in town and in the mountain.




Pictures from the Dushanbe area:


- Hissar fortress.

IMG_4373 - Copy


- In the bazaar of Hissar.








- Valley of the Siama river, about 50km north of Dushanbe.

IMG_4414 - Copy



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