AI is an integral part of many exciting business and consumer tools such as speech recognition, semantic search, recommendation systems, machine translation, and 3D sensing in consumer gaming. The AI Lab Affiliates Program brings all of these efforts together and provides a structure for industry to engage effectively. The affiliates program represents a new era of close engagement with a small number of major companies. It supports corporate interaction through organized retreats, an Advisory Board, and informal interactions. The goal is bidirectional transfer of knowledge and excitement.

Program Benefits

  • Active engagement with faculty and students
  • Student recruiting opportunities
  • Invitations to all retreats, conferences, and seminars
  • Regular updates on AI Lab research results
  • Hosted visits to Stanford for discussion of research topics
  • Networking with AI Lab researchers and corporate members
  • Opportunities for informal interactions on research projects
  • Opportunity to establish a visiting researcher at Stanford (additional fee applies)

Program Requirements

Corporate members provide $250,000 per year of unrestricted support with an expected three-year commitment. These funds will be used to support the research activities of faculty and graduate students as well as the other programs of the affiliates program.

Corporate members may provide additional funding provided that all research results arising from the use of the additional funding will be shared with all program members and the general public. Affiliate Program members may request the additional funding be used to support a particular area of program research identified on the program’s website, or the program research of a named faculty member as long as the faculty is identified on the program website as participating in the Affiliate Program. An additional token of $85,000/year can be acquired for further engagement.

The site presentations and all information, data, and results arising from visitation interactions will be shared with all members and the public.

The AI Lab Affiliates Program participation agreement for industry members is considered executed and renewed on an annual basis upon receipt of the annual membership fee.

All memberships are subject to Stanford University Policies for Industry Affiliates Programs. Please see the Research Policy Handbook for details.

Current Members

UST Global
McKinsey & Company

SAIL-Toyota Center For AI Research

“The SAIL-Toyota Center for AI Research was established to conduct innovative and impactful research to enhance the safety of human-driven vehicles, to enable self-driving cars, and to produce robots and smart environments for human assistance.”

~ Mykel Kochenderfer, Associate Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Assistant Professor, by courtesy, of Computer Science at Stanford University