AI Event Policy

Talks, reading groups, and events across the Stanford AI lab community, now held on remotely on Zoom or other virtual meeting platforms.  Note that some events are open to the public, some are open to only to Stanford people, and others are open to only individual groups (audience is denoted by brackets). If you are in the Stanford AI lab and would like to add an event, you can get edit access by contacting the respective representative from your research group.

Stanford Computer Forum and CS Industry Affiliates Annual Meeting

The Stanford Computer Forum and CS Industry Affiliates Annual Meeting will be held in-person April 11-13, 2023. This Annual Meeting will be co-hosted by SAIL and the Stanford Computer Forum. The three-day event will present opportunities for our industrial partners to hear about latest developments in timely and critical areas of technology.

SAIL AI Workshop 

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Distinguished Speaker Series

The Stanford AI Lab Distinguished Speaker Series features talks given by the leaders of AI. The goal of these talks is to give an overview and foster discussion about the progress and challenges in the various disciplines of AI.

SAIL Student Activities

Many postdocs, PhDs, masters, and undergraduate students involved in SAIL Research also spend time setting up events to build a sense of community, benefit fellow students, and help share the work of SAIL with the world. These activities are supported by SAIL leadership. You can see more details in the page linked above.

AI Salon

The AI salon is a semi-monthly meeting of the Stanford AI lab to discuss questions that go beyond the day-to-day research in AI. Although now on Zoom, it has been held in the style of 18th-century French enlightenment-era salons, with no electronics, no whiteboard presentations, and an hourglass to keep time. The goal is to bring everyone together twice a month to contemplate the future of a fast-moving field. Past topics have included the ethics of autonomous driving, the role of theory in robotics, and intelligence augmentation. (Unless it is otherwise noted, AI Salon is only for current AI Lab members and their invited guests.)

AI Entrepreneurs Seminar

The first official coalition between the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (SAIL) and a cluster of corporate partners to foster discussions between artificial intelligence researchers and venture capitalists interested in real-world AI applications. Exchange of knowledge between the communities will identify valuable non-technical constraints involved in developing commercially viable AI solutions.

Computer Vision Workshop

This is an annual event where we discuss the progress of our research in Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Robotics.  This Workshop provides an opportunity for the research and sponsor communities to discuss the latest developments in areas such as Physical and 3D Vision Understanding, Collaborative and Interactive AI, Modeling Temporal Events, and Planning Long Range Tasks.  We hope the talks, demos and panel discussions inspire further conversations, and we encourage attendees to explore opportunities for future collaborations.