AI Salon Event Archive

03/21/2014Has IBM’s Watson driven forward research or was it primarily an engineering accomplishment? 
04/11/2014Are we overfitting to single-query datasets?(Gabor Angeli & Olga Russakovsky)
04/25/2014Artificial Intelligence & Intelligence Augmentation(John Markoff & Arun Chaganty)
05/16/2014Is interaction with the physical world necessary to acquire intelligence?(David Held & Oussama Khatib)
05/30/2014AI & Neuroscience(Michelle Green & Ben Poole)
06/13/2014AI in Movies(Andrej Karpathy & Vivek Srikumar)
09/26/2014Machine Learning vs. Statistics(Will Fithian & Percy Liang)
10/10/2014What should theory look like to be useful for robotics?(Leslie Kaelbling & Arun Chaganty)
10/17/2014Phonemes and parts of speech: Are categories and symbolic structures a fundamental fact of language or fantasy of linguists?(Chris Manning & Andrew Ng)
11/07/2014The Language of Food(Dan Jurafsky)
11/21/2014The Ethics of Autonomous Driving(Silvio Savarese & Christian Gerdes)
12/05/2014The End of Determinism(Stefano Ermon & Alex Ratner)
01/23/2015Using neuroscience to build an AI(Jeff Hawkins and Surya Ganguli)
02/06/2015The Turing Test(Will Hamilton and Fei-Fei Li)
02/20/2015Robotics in the Air and Space(Mykel Kochenderfer & Marco Pavone)
03/06/2015Robotics in the Air: Part II(Mykel Kochenderfer)
03/20/2015AI100 Initiative and the Future of AI(Eric Horvitz)
04/07/2015Dangers of AI (attendance by invitation only)(Elon Musk)
04/17/2015Horizontal vs. Vertical Progress in AI(Matt Ginsberg & Jacob Steinhardt)
04/24/2015Our Filtered Lives(Grace Muzny & Timnit Gebru)
05/08/2015The History of AI(Ed Feigenbaum & Angel Chang)
05/15/2015The Future of Human Labor(Michael Webb & Tudor Achim)
10/02/2015AI’s Role in Human Disconnection(Timnit Gebru & Serena Yeung)
10/16/2015Trust in AI Techniques/Algorithms(Maneesh Agarwala & Tum Chaturapruek)
10/30/2015How to Build a Society in a World of Creative Destruction(Nils Nilsson & Russell Stewart)
11/06/2015What’s Right About Machine Learning?(Sham Kakade & Yash Deshphande)
11/13/2015AI and Health Care(David Sontag & Volodymyr Kuleshov)
12/04/2015Artificial Intelligence — Boom or Menace?(Jerry Kaplan & John Markoff)
01/08/2016AI & Genomics(Gill Bejerano & Irene Kaplow)
01/22/2016AI and the Legal System(Tino Cuellar & Pratiksha Thaker)
01/29/2016Gap Between Pattern Recognition and Intelligence(Michael Black & Amir Zamir)
03/11/2016Pattern Recognition for Symbolic Reasoning: Deep Learning and Beyond(Tudor Achim & Jacob Steinhardt)
04/01/2016The Role of Formal Logic in Semantics(Ray Mooney & Chris Manning)
04/15/2016What Can AI Learn From How Babies Learn?(Jitendra Malik & Zayd Enam)
04/29/2016The Master Algorithm for AI(Pedro Domingos & Volodymyr Kuleshov)
05/13/2016AI and Accessibility(Joshua Miele & Timnit Gebru)
05/20/2016Lessons from the Neocortex(Ray Kurzweil & Bharath Ramsundar)
05/27/2016Diversity in AI(Serena Yeung & Arun Chaganty)
09/30/2016Ai and the Economy(Kevin Leyton-Brown & Jacob Steinhardt)
10/07/2016Software Engineering for Machine Learning(Peter Norvig & Aditya Grover)
11/04/2016The Interaction of Future AI Algorithms and Hardware(Jen-Hsun Huang & Jim Fan)
11/18/2016Challenges in Whole-Brain Simulation(Rosa Cao & Will Allen)
12/02/2016Will Today’s AI Technology Be Able to Transform Healthcare?(Vijay S. Pande & Bharath Ramsundar)
01/20/2017How Can We Make ML Interpretable(Anshul Kundaje & Avanti Shrikumar)
02/03/2017AI That Understands Emotion(Noah Goodman & Sasha Sax)
02/17/2017AI & Internet of Things(Frank Chen & Monica Lam)
03/03/2017Adversarial Machine Learning(Ian Goodfellow & TBD)
03/17/2017AI and Education(Emma Brunskill & Chris Piech)
04/21/2017Media Portrayals of AI(Abigail See & Urvashi Khandelwal)
05/12/2017Safe Reinforcement Learning(Animesh Garg & Andreas Krause)
05/26/2017Issues as We Democratize AI(Pietro Perona & Phil Thomas)
10/13/2017AI and Great Power Politics(Allan Dafoe & Ashwin Paranjape)
11/03/2017Challenges of Human-Centered Assistive Robotics(Maja Matarić & Allison Okamura)
11/17/2017Is General AI the Right Goal?(Aditya Grover & Steve Mussmann)
12/01/2017AI and the Brain(Liqun Luo & Fei-Fei Li)
01/12/2018AI in the Cloud(Ruchir Puri & Fei-Fei Li)
02/02/2018What innate priors should we build into the architecture of Deep Learning systems?(Yann LeCun & Chris Manning)
03/02/2018AI, Employment and Inequality(Erik Brynjolfsson & Trevor Standley)
03/16/2018Should AI researchers divert efforts away from competitions toward controlled experiments?(Pat Langley & Andrey Kurenkov)
04/06/2018How can we make AI more accessible?(Rachel Thomas & Mark Whiting)
05/11/2018How can AI cure cancer?(Marty Tenenbaum & Kim Branson)
05/25/2018Learning to learn(Ilya Sutskever & Amir Zamir)
10/19/2018Ethics in ML Systems(Ben Recht & Emma Brunskill)
11/02/2018Autonomous Driving – how close are we?(Lex Frideman & Marco Pavone & Sarah Thornton)
11/09/2018Best Practices for Ethical AI Research(Timnit Gebru & Margaret Mitchell)
11/15/2018Deep RL for real world systems(Sergey Levine & Mykel Kochenderfer)
12/07/2018AI and the Future of Work(Kai-Fu Lee & Susan Athey
& Erik Brynjolfsson)
02/01/2019Countering Hype, Anthropomorphism, and Fear-mongering in AI(Jerry Kaplan & William J Clancet)
02/08/2019AI and Defense(Lt. Col Kevin Childs & Lt. Col. Ryan Kappedal)
02/22/2019AI Research in Industry and Academia(Wojciech Zaremba & Ludovic Righetti)
03/08/2019Flexible ML Systems(Jeff Dean & Chris Re)
03/14/2019Troubling Trends in AI Conferences(Zacahary Lipton & Animesh Garg)
04/12/2019Societal Impacts of Deep Fakes(Maneesh Agrawala & Jeff Hancock)
04/26/2019AI and Journalism(Katyanna Quach & Cade Metz)
05/17/2019Best Practices for Dual Use AI ResearchAmanda Askell & Miles Brundage & Megan Palmer & Allison Berke
05/21/2019Diversity & Inclusion in STEM & AI(Barbara Grosz & Fei-Fei Li)
05/24/2019AI Art(Aaron Hertzman & Nolan Lem & Holly Grimm)
10/18/2019AI & GovernmentDan Ho & Shireen Santosham
11/1/2019AI & Climate ChangeDavid Rolnick, Sharon Zhou & Cindi Thompson
11/15/2019AI & Legal ResponsibilityBryan Casey & Jerry Kaplan
11/22/2019Has the AI Revolution Come Yet?Emma Brunskill & Michael Jordan
12/6/2019AI & MedicineNigam Shah & Elizabeth Mormino
1/10/2020AI & the MindBarbara Tversky & Fei-Fei Li
1/24/2020Unique Challenges of Physical AI SystemsManuela Veloso & Dorsa Sadigh
2/28/2020Future of NLPMichael Auli & Chris Manning