The Stanford AI Lab Distinguished Speaker Series features talks given by the leaders of AI. The goal of these talks is to give an overview and foster discussion about the progress and challenges in the various disciplines of AI.

Organizers: Stefano Ermon and Emma Brunskill

2020-01-24 Transformational Impact of AI on the Future of Financial Services Manuela Veloso
2018-05-25 Fast RL Ilya Sutskever
2017-05-25 Visipedia – A system composed of data, machines and people for organizing visual knowledge Pietro Perona
2017-05-12 Towards Safe Reinforcement Learning Andreas Krause
2016-11-18 Deep Architectures for Visual Reasoning, Multimodal Learning, and Decision-Making Honglak Lee
2016-11-04 Sum-Product Networks: The Next Generation of Deep Models Pedro Domingos
2016-09-26 The Challenge of Sequential Modeling Yoshua Bengio
2016-09-30 Incentive Auctions and Spectrum Repacking Kevin Leyton-Brown
2016-06-10 Representations and Models for Collaboratively Intelligent Robots Subramanian Ramamoorthy
2016-04-15 Deep Visual Understanding from Deep Learning Jitendra Malik
2016-04-01 Generating Natural-Language Video Descriptions using LSTM Recurrent Neural Networks Ray Mooney
2016-02-19 Addressing the Practical Challenges of Group Decision
Support in a Data-rich World
Craig Boutilier
2016-01-29 On Building Digital Humans Michael Black
2016-01-15 Finding Simple Solutions for Hard NLP Problems Regina Barzilay
2015-11-13 How is Machine Learning Going to Change Health Care? David Sontag
2015-11-06 The Promise and Challenge of Unsupervised Learning Sham Kakade
2015-05-08 A New Architecture for Brain-inspired Computing Dharmendra S. Modha
2015-04-17 Is The Universe Continuous or Discrete? (And Why People in AI Should Care) Matt Ginsberg
2014-11-03 Language Translation and Code-Breaking Kevin Knight
2014-10-10 Making Robots Believe Leslie Pack Kaelbling