Welcome to the Artificial Intelligence Lab

Getting started in the AI Lab. If you’re just joining us, Read This First

This page intends to provide you with all the information you need to set you up in the AI Lab and to help you with the administrative related requests during your stay. Once you have been set up there is some information with which you should become familiar relating to Stanford University Policies and general information that will be both useful to you and will apply to some of the requests done on your behalf.

PhD Requirements

Please be aware of all PhD requirements by checking the links in this section, if you need more information please talk to your administrator or contact Helen Buendicho at

Qualifying Examination in Artificial Intelligence

Read carefully about the process for the qualifying exam process in the link below and direct your questions to your adviser and/or Helen Buendicho at the email provided above.

CS and AI Lab Logistics

Getting access to offices and Gates Building

The first thing you will need when joining the AI Lab is to get access to the Gates Building and the office assigned to you. This can be done by meeting with your faculty administrator and requesting access. Your administrator will confirm with your faculty and will send an email to Please be aware that you will be provided with access ONLY if the request comes from your Faculty and/or Faculty administrator.

Getting access to Clark Center

If you are joining the AI Lab but will be sitting at the Clark Center and need to obtain access, please go to Facilities Office Management office at the Clark Center. You will need to fill out an application for KEY CARD ACCESS. Be aware that you might need to take one or more training courses in order to be granted with access.

Requesting a CS Account

For new students and visiting professors, and rotating students, who need to have a CS account, you will need to send a request by filling out the form and submit it to the Computer Facilities Group for approval. Once Computer Facilities confirms and obtains approval from the appropriate faculty, your CS ID will be granted.

Access to the Network in Gates

If you are a new student, visiting scholar or visiting professor and you will be working primarily with your laptop you will need to register your computer to get access to the network. Please fill out the form in the below link:

Computer Support

If you are experiencing problems with network or your computer and need immediate assistance please send an email to describing the issue that needs to be addressed. Include in the email your faculty administrator to help you follow up on the resolution.

How to obtain a Stanford ID Card

If you are new to Stanford and need to request a Visiting Scholars, or Fellows ID card please refer to the link below for information on how to obtain it.

Getting reimbursed for expenses incurred on behalf of STANFORD UNIVERSITY

The University’s policy is to reimburse employees and approved non-employees for necessary and reasonable expenses incurred for authorized University business. Reimbursements are to be consistent with federal regulations. Prices paid are to be economical; when the price paid by the individual is more than what would have been paid by the University, the lesser amount will be reimbursed. Reimbursable expenses include:

– Travel expenses, related to University business, including air fare, lodging, incidental expenses, use of personal auto, car rental, taxi fares and phone charges.

– Miscellaneous purchases in support of University business, such as supplies, books and equipment costing less than $2,500. Purchases exceeding $2,500 should be ordered through University Procurement.

– Payments to human subjects, made by an individual (Direct payment to human subjects from the University can be made by requesting a check through the Other Checks module in IOU.)

– Cost of meals when there is a clear business purpose for the meal. Note: Tips should not exceed 20% unless there is a mandatory charge for a large group.

– Conference registration and training course fees, when related to University business.

– Dues & subscriptions for memberships to professional organizations and publications related to University business.

– Moving & house hunting expenses incurred by a new employee when hired by Stanford.

– Gifts (tangible personal property) related to University business.

Please submit your reimbursement request and receipts within 10 days of incurring expense, or 10 days after completing travel. Per federal regulation, reimbursement requests made after 60 days of incurring the expense (trip, meals, supplies, etc.), will be reported to the IRS as taxable income.

People will be able to get reimbursement from Petty Cash if receipts are less than $100. Please submit your receipt to your administrator.

Stanford’s Travel Policy

click here

Purchasing at Stanford

Determine the best method of purchasing accordingly

– Buying office & lab supplies through Stanford-negotiated pricing. Contact your administrator to request items that can be ordered in the Stanford Procurement website.

– PCard is also available for items that are not available in Procurement and that are necessarily urgent. Users of Pcards are required to sign out a PCard with their administrators and return the Pcard with invoices within 10 days of the purchase. Failing to provide receipts will result on suspending the privilege of using purchasing cards.

– IOU or Reimbursement request. Submit the invoices of items purchased along with the approval of your adviser or PI.