Greetings! My name is Sang. I’m a Computer Science Ph.D. student at Stanford University. My research aims to develop artificial agents that can adapt, plan, and act in diverse and uncertain environments. My research work span topic includes model-based reinforcement learning, Bayesian optimization, and active learning. I am particularly enthusiastic about utilizing these techniques to advance medicine and scientific discovery.

I completed undergraduate triple majoring in Computer Science, Economics, and Computational Chemistry at DePauw University, where I worked on decision-making for various applications such as intelligence game playing. Computational chemistry is an interdisciplinary degree I designed to find the synergy of first-principle computational modeling and experimental chemical synthesis to accelerate drug and material discovery. I was a visiting student at the University of Oxford studying probabilistic and reinforcement learning.

In 2016, I spent a gap-year working on sustainable solar technology by developing novel nano-semiconductors based on titanium dioxide nanotubes and metallic nanoparticles. These scientific discovery challenges are still inspiration and test beds for my algorithmic research in decision-making these days.

11/2021:   Ag/TiO2 is in top 10 most cited in J. Photochemistry & Photobiology A
10/2021:   PENSA receives 3rd prize at EMBO workshop
09/2021:   Receive Stanford School of Engineering Fellowship
08/2021:   Last day of GSOC project with the hyperSpec team
05/2021:   I graduate from DePauw 🎉
05/2021:   Last day of Analytics intership at Community Health Network
05/2021:   Become the 2021 Ferid Murad medalist [Press release]
04/2021:   Receive Robert J. Thomas Outstanding Senior award in Computer Science
04/2021:   Receive Frank T. Carlton Senior award in Economics
04/2021:   Receive John A. Ricketts prize in Physical Chemistry Research
03/2021:   Commit to Stanford Computer Science PhD program
02/2021:   Start my study abroad program at University of Oxford
01/2021:   Gin Rummy is published at AAAI 2021
10/2020:   Become a Princeton P3 scholar
05/2020:   Induce to Phi Beta Kappa (2%)
04/2020:   Receive Randal L. Wilson Junior award in Economics
01/2020:   Last day of Co-Op with Cummins’s Treasury