Merlyn Mind
Research Intern, 01/2024-03/2024
Efficient fine-tune and evaluation safety large language models.

Google Summer of Code (Remote)
R Developer, 05/2021-08/2021
With Brian Hanson, Claudia Beleites, Vilmantas Gegzna
Developed hyperSpec, a R package for analysis of spectroscopy.

Community Health Network (Indianapolis, Indiana)
Data Scientist, 08/2020-05/2021
With Statistics & Decision Support teams, Analytics Department
Statistically analyzed operational data to support financial decision making processes

Seoul Robotics (Seoul, Korean)
Artificial Intelligent Research Assistant, 05/2020-08/2020
With Minh Truong and Todd Neller
Developed methods for sequential decision making under uncertainty and asymmetric information

Cummins (Columbus, Indiana)
Treasury Co-Op Analyst, 08/2019-01/2020
With Treasury Department
Developed dynamic time-series models for financial forecasting application such as predicting currency devaluation and interest income.

Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HCMC, Vietnam)
Research Assistant, 05/2016-07/2017
With Photocatalysis Research Group Developed computational frameworks to characterize properties of nano-materials