SQBS, a Quiz Bowl Statistics Program


Welcome to the home of the easy-to-use, robust, flexible, powerful, and free program for tracking and reporting statistics for virtually any quiz bowl tournament.  


Anyone willing to help testing would be greatly appreciated.All comments, suggestions, and bug reports are most welcome. Thanks to all those who have given suggestions and/or helped with testing for Version 4.0, especially Scott Williams, Matt Bruce, Daniel Greenstein, Craig Barker, Chris Romero, and Eric Smith.

A Mac version is now available on the downloads page. This was created by Neil Smith.


SQBS has been used in a number of tournaments, including

NAQT ICT 2006 Division I
NAQT ICT 2006 Division II
NAQT ICT 2005 Division I
NAQT ICT 2005 Division II
NAQT ICT 2004 Division I
NAQT ICT 2004 Division II
NAQT ICT 2003 Division I
ACF Nationals
PACE Nationals

For the more complete list of tournaments previously listed on this page, which is no longer kept up-to-date, click here.

All you need to run the program is a Windows computer. (A Mac version produced by a third party is now also available on the download page.) All you need to do to install it is to download and run the setup program. Then just double-click it to run it.

Downloads (FREE)

Download Version 4 (4 MB)

Download Mac Version (0.5 MB)

Download Mac 64-bit Version (0.5 MB)

Download Version 3.2 (4 MB)

Download Version 3.2 British (4 MB)

Download Version 3.2 Three-Team (World Bible Quiz Format) (4 MB)

Executable (1.4 MB)

Help file

Help contents file


Example Web Report Generated by the Program

Version 4.0 Documentation (including screen shots)

  Most recent change to download files:  Version 3.2: 02/14/04, Version 3.3: 10/10/04, Version 4.0: 02/28/10
If you downloaded before then, you should download the updated version.




New features in Version 4.0 include

Below are the features of Versions 3.2 and later.




Game Input


Installation and Help

Special Three-Team Version for World Bible Quiz Format



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