The Culture Guide Index


This site is a compilation of trivia, primarily designed as an aid for studying for quiz bowl competitions, but perhaps also of some general interest.






           American Literature

           British Literature

           World Literature

           Classical Literature

           Literary Prizes

           Literary Terms





           American Leaders

           European Leaders

           Leaders of Other Nations and Empires

           Wars, Battles, Rebellions, Scandals, and Disasters

           Treaties, Laws, Policies, Conferences, and Court Cases



Fine Arts


           Artists and Art Works

           Musicians and Musical Works

           Music Theory








           Inventions and Discoveries


           Particle Physics



Social Science


           Philosophy and Religion






Credits:Inventions and Discoveries are based on data in The World Almanac and Encarta.Lists and packets are based on a whole bunch of sources, including many quiz bowl packets and the packet splits by Chris Romero and the Texas A&M quiz bowl team.


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