Logical Methods in the Humanities

The Logic and Mathematics of Voting Procedures

Weekly seminar using logic and mathematics to study voting procedures.

We are planning weekly meetings that will include presentation of relevant reading and invited speakers.

Date Time Location Topic
9-2612-1:15 Cordura 100 Practical details and introduction to social choice theory and voting theory. (slides)
10-312-1:15Cordura 100Arrow's Theorem: proofs and discussion. (slides, Geanakoplos Paper, Makinson Paper)
10-1012-1:15 Cordura 100A survey of voting procedures and paradoxes. (slides)
10-1712-1:15 Cordura 100Invited Speaker: Michel Balinski (abstract)
4:15-5:30380-380CInvited Speaker: Steven Brams
Symbolic Systems Forum
11-34:10 - 5:10 260-012Invited Speaker: Rohit Parikh (abstract)
11-712-1:15 Cordura 100The Gibbard-Sattherwaite Theorem
11-1412-1:15 Cordura 100Judgement Aggregation (slides)
4:15 - 5:30 380-380C Invited Speaker: Kenneth Arrow
Symbolic Systems Forum
11-21 12 - 1:15Cordura 100Todd Davies (Stanford)
Intuitive Preference Aggregation: Testing Two Criteria in Arrow's Impossibility Theorem
11-28 No meeting, Thanksgiving break
4:15-5:30 380-380CInvited Speaker: Donald Saari (abstract)
12-5 12-1:15 Cordura 100 Todd Davies (abstract)