Interface ExtendedVectorFunction

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ExampleModel.InverseMeasurementModel, ExampleModel.LandmarkMeasurementModel, ExampleModel.MotionModel, ExampleModel.OdometryModel, LinearGaussianFunction

public interface ExtendedVectorFunction
extends VectorFunction

A vector-valued function that takes a vector input and which can compute its Jacobian at any input.

Method Summary
 double[][] jacobian(double[] input)
          Evaluates the Jacobian of this function at the supplied input.
Methods inherited from interface javaslam.filter.VectorFunction
evaluate, getInputDim, getOutputDim

Method Detail


public double[][] jacobian(double[] input)
Evaluates the Jacobian of this function at the supplied input.

input - a vector with VectorFunction.getInputDim() elements
a matrix with VectorFunction.getOutputDim() rows and VectorFunction.getInputDim() columns; if y = f(x) then element (i, j) is the partial derivative of yi with respect to xj at input