Distinguished Speaker Series – Pietro Perona

Title: Visipedia – A system composed of data, machines and people for organizing visual knowledge

Speaker:  Pietro Perona

Abstract: Visipedia is a network of people and machines designed to harvest and organize visual information and make it accessible to anyone anywhere. I will explore technical challenges arising from Visipedia and discuss their implications for computer vision, machine learning, human-machine systems and visual psychology. I will discuss the case study, an automated field guide to the birds of North America. Key contributions include a method for characterizing the multidimensional wisdom of crowdworkers and a classification pipeline combining input from humans and machines. I will conclude by discussing several open issues encompassing algorithm development to community engagement.

Dr. Pietro Perona is the Allen E. Puckett Professor of Electrical Engineering at Caltech. He directs Computation and Neural Systems (www.cns.caltech.edu), a PhD program centered on the study of biological brains and intelligent machines. Professor Perona’s research centers on vision. He has contributed to the theory of partial differential equations for image processing and boundary formation, and to modeling the early visual system’s function. He is currently interested in visual categories and visual recognition.

Sponsored by the Stanford Computer Forum

Sponsored by the Stanford Computer Forum

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