An Invitation to Modal Logic

Philosophy 150


11/26/07: Introduction and Motivating Examples
  Topics: highlight a number of arguments involving modal notions. Introduce the syntax of modal logic and discuss some interesting puzzles.

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11/28/07: Basic Modal Logic

Topics: formal solution to the muddy children puzzle, introduce Kripke structures and truth of modal formulas.

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11/30/07: Basic Modal Logic II
  Topics: discussed a number of issues surrounding truth of modal formulas in Kripke structures.

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12/3/07: Basic Modal Logic III
  Topics: Review and summary of basic modal logic.

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12/5/07: Dynamics in Logic
  Topics: Epistemic Logic, Common Knoweldge, Public Announcement Logic

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12/8/07: Dyanmics in Logic
  Topics: Epistemic Logic, Common Knowledge, Logic and Games

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Details about Question 12 on the final.