Ethiopia (April-May 2012): Mekele-to-Lalibela-to-Debark trek (page 5 of 8)

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Map. (Click here to access the waypoints in Google Earth. Click on the map to get a better-resolution picture of it.)








1. Mekele

2. Melber

3. Adigueba

4. Samre

5. Finaroa

6. Sara

7. Chakra

8. Samara

9. Mailomi

10. Sekota

11. Wouala

12 Hass

13. Hava

14 Bilbela

15. Lalibela

16 Daria Johanes

17 Mari

18 Azila


20 Amusit


22. Tekeze river

23. Chinamba

24. Archwa


26. Salamiyi

27 Dorona



30. Debark


After spending two days in Lalibela, where I visited its rock-hewn churches (the photos are on a distinct page), we returned to Bilbela (WP #14) by bus to resume our trek toward Debark.


In the bus to Bilbela, with Mulat at the center of the photo.


Unloading our bags in Bilbela.


Resuming our trek. As we had bought more food in Lalibela, we hired two donkeys to carry some of our bags.


Looking for clear water. From now on, finding reasonably good water has become increasingly more difficult.


Old shepherd.


My camp at WP #16.


Dusk at WP #16.



Sunrise at WP #16.


Leaving WP #16.



Morning light soon after leaving WP #16.



Woman along the way. We encountered many people who, like this woman, have goiters due to iodine deficiency. Cataract and goiter are probably the two most common conditions in these rural areas that could be easily treated if free access to health services was available.


Again, looking for clear water.



More landscapes between WP #16 and WP #17.



Gorge of the Mari river.




Looking for clear water in the gorge.


A beautiful hamerkop nest in the gorge.


The small hamlet of Mari (WP #17).


Large euphorbia tree at WP #17. Contact with its milky sap must be avoided as it may cause painful irritation of the skin. Contact with eyes may cause blindness.


Setting our camp in the hamlet of Mari. The people in Mari were quite interested and particularly friendly.


Some people of Mari.







Dawn in Mari.


Burning straw to prepare the fields for seeding before the rainy season.



Leaving Mari.





Between WP #17 and WP #18.










Reaching the village of Azila (WP #18).


Group photos of children in Azila.



In Azila.




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