Ethiopia (November-December 2013)

Korem to Tenta (1): From Korem to Camp 2

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Leaving Korem (in the background) across fields, with Gebrehiwet carrying a heavy bag on his head.


We soon start rising above the plain, with the blue surface of Lake Hashenge visible at a far distance.


The modern buildings of Korem quickly give place to more traditional huts.


The scenery becomes one of terraced fields.




We put our first camp in the small village of Lati. As usual, we attracted a small crowd of people from the village.


We left the village of Lati on the following morning. Farmers and herders were already busy.




As we gained more elevation the scenery became more interesting.




A small village in a stunning scenery.


A woman showing us the way.


More huts and small villages.





Sometimes villages and farms have this kind of greeting committee. Fortunately, these dogs bark loudly but are rarely aggressive.


Camp 2 near the huts of a family of farmers.


Other sections of the trek:

-             Korem to Camp 2

-             Camp 2 to Camp 4 (Muja)

-             Camp 4 (Muja) to Camp 6

-             Camp 6 to Camp 9

-             Camp 9 to Camp 10

-             Camp 10 to Magdala

-             Magdala to Tenta


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