Ethiopia (November-December 2013)

Korem to Tenta (5): From Camp 9 to Camp 10

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At the bottom of the canyon, below Camp 9. The lower part of the canyon, which lies much below 2000m, is un-inhabited. My guess is that during the rainy season it is infected by mosquitoes.


We ascended the other side of the canyon to reach a 3rd marketplace facing a scenery of ambas (flat-topped mountains), which are eroded remains of larger plateaus.









In a restaurant near the market.


After stopping by the market, we stayed on the plateau, but remained closed to its rim (on the right side). This plateau was surprisingly green.


Group of women returning from the market.


We put our 10th camp in this village.




Other sections of the trek:

-             Korem to Camp 2

-             Camp 2 to Camp 4 (Muja)

-             Camp 4 (Muja) to Camp 6

-             Camp 6 to Camp 9

-             Camp 9 to Camp 10

-             Camp 10 to Magdala

-             Magdala to Tenta


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