Ethiopia (November-December 2013)

Korem to Tenta (4): From Camp 6 to Camp 9

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On the next morning, we resumed our long walk on the high plateau.


Because of the relatively cold nights many huts are built with two layers. The lower layer is for animals (sheep and goats). They bring some heat to the people on the higher level.


On that day we crossed a long stretch of plateau that was unusually devoid of people.


Then houses and fields progressively re-appeared. Initially, many fields looked like stone fields.





We set our 7th camp again near a small group of stone huts. As was the case at all camps, Gebru spent much time talking to local people and befriending them. He was constantly trying to get information about our future route. His other goal was to hire a local man with a donkey to help us carry loads. Since this man had to return to his home on the same day, we often had to switch in the middle of the day. My sense is that local people liked very much to chat with Gebru.



On the next day, the terrain looked more fertile and the fields more prosperous.


We then reached this strange town. It looks like a town in an American Western movie, very much like Lago in Clint Eastwood′s High Plains Drifter. In fact, I learned that like many towns in 19th century American West, this town grew up 3 years before almost instantly, like a mushroom.


We set our 8th camp further on the plateau.


Finally, after 4 days on this long plateau we finally reached its end and faced an impressive 1200m-deep canyon. We walked down into this canyon to reach a flat intermediate level (visible on both sides of the canyon) about half way between the plateau and the river. We set our 9th camp there.



According to the local people, King Tewodros II (1818-1868), while fleeing toward Magdala, embushed British forces (actually, an Indian army) led by Lord Napier from these cliffs overseeing the canyon.


Camp 9.


View from Camp 9 in the afternoon, ...


... in the evening, ...


... and in the early morning.


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