Ethiopia (November-December 2013)

Korem to Tenta (6): From Camp 10 to Magdala

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Soon after leaving Camp 10, we reached the rim of the plateau and started our descent into another canyon (River Beshlo).




We stopped under this old olive tree. According to locals, King Tewodros II also stopped under this tree while retreating toward Magdala.


Last village during the descent.


Further down during the long descent the scenery became dryer.



Crossing River Beshlo. Nobody lives there (except, temporarily, a few herders). Again I suspect that during the rainy season this area is infected by malaria-prone mosquitoes.


Our 10th camp further up on the other side of the river, with local herders.



On the next day we climbed further up toward Magdala and stopped by this 4th market. It was early and people were still pouring in.


In the early hours, the market seemed to be a good place for women to meet and make fashion statements.


Serving fried breakfast donuts in a small restaurant of the market.


Gebrehiwet enjoying tela (local beer).


On our way to Magdala beyond the 4th market, looking back to our path since Camp 10.


Approaching the first Magdala hill.


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