Interface NoisyVectorFunction

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ExampleModel.InverseMeasurementModel, ExampleModel.LandmarkMeasurementModel, ExampleModel.MotionModel, ExampleModel.OdometryModel, LinearGaussianFunction

public interface NoisyVectorFunction
extends VectorFunction

A vector-valued function that takes a vector input, the bottom part of which is a white noise vector. In particular, if dim is the result of calling Gaussian.getDimension() on the Gaussian getNoiseModel(), then elements VectorFunction.getInputDim() - dim through VectorFunction.getInputDim() - 1 of the input vector are the noise variables.

Method Summary
 Gaussian getNoiseModel()
          Returns the Gaussian distribution over the noise input.
Methods inherited from interface javaslam.filter.VectorFunction
evaluate, getInputDim, getOutputDim

Method Detail


public Gaussian getNoiseModel()
Returns the Gaussian distribution over the noise input.

the Gaussian distribution over the noise input