Taplejung to Jiri via Lumba Samba Pass, Sherpani and West Cols, and Amphu Lapsta (October-November 2012):

4. Tudham to Hongon (3 days)



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Soon after leaving Thudam, the trail became narrow and steep, occasionally dangerous. After a long hard day we put a camp in a small kharka above the Arun river, near the village of Khimbuche. In contrast, the next two days were easy. We first crossed the Arun river to reach the villages of Chyamtang and Chepuwa (where we spent one night). Then, from Chepuwa a good trail led us to the village of Hongon, where we spent another night.



The Chujung Khola. The trail from Thudam cuts across the steep slope on the left.



At times the trail traverses steep rocky terrain ... (Third photo by Matt Scott)



Nepal Cols 2012 232


... and at other times some densely vegetated areas.


Making lunch along the way on steep terrain.



Finally, the village of Chyamtang was in sight, but still on the other side of the Arun river.


Beautiful millet fields near Chyamtang.




Drying millet in Chyamtang.


Street scene in Chyamtang.


People of Chyamtang. (Matt Scott photos)

Nepal Cols 2012 245

Nepal Cols 2012 255


Nepal Cols 2012 256

Nepal Cols 2012 259


Soon after leaving Chyamtang (visible on the left side of the photo below), we got a good view over the canyon of the Chujung Khola (on the right) and the terrain traveled on the previous day. Thudam (not visible) is at the far end of this canyon. The Arun river runs between the yellow ridge in the foreground and the green ridge in the middleground. The Chujung Khola flows into the Arun river.


On the trail between Chepuwa and Hongon. The village of Hongon is visible just above the first ridge. Increasing landslides across the village during the monsoon season will soon force its inhabitants to move to a safer location.


In Hongon (2300m).



Most houses in Hongon have this kind of small religious structure at their doorsteps.




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2.  Olangchun Gola (1 day)

3.  Crossing Lumba Samba pass (3 days)

4.  Tudham to Hongon (3 days)

5.  Hongon to Yangla Kharka (5 days)

6.  Yangla Kharka to Sherpani Col High Camp (4 days)

7.  Crossing of Sherpani and West Cols (1 day)

8.  Hongu basin to Namche across Amphu Lapsta (3 days)

9.  Namche to Jiri (5 days)



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