Nicolas Sebastien Lambert

Nicolas Lambert

University of Southern California
Department of Economics
3620 S. Vermont Avenue
Kaprielian Hall (KAP) 300
Los Angeles, CA 90089--0253



Working Papers

Recovering Utility (with Christopher Chambers and Federico Echenique).

Innovation and Competition on a Rugged Technological Landscape (with Steven Callander and Niko Matouschek), revision requested by American Economic Journal: Microeconomics.

Elicitability (with Yaron Azrieli, Christopher Chambers, Paul J Healy), public draft coming soon.

Elicitation and Evaluation of Statistical Forecasts, resubmitted to Econometrica.

Quadratic Games (with Giorgio Martini and Michael Ostrovsky).

Probability Elicitation for Agents with Arbitrary Risk Preferences.

Published Articles

The Power of Referential Advice (with Steven Callander and Niko Matouschek), Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 129(11), November 2021, pp. 3073–3140.

Recovering Preferences from Finite Data (with Christopher Chambers and Federico Echenique), Econometrica, Vol. 86(4), July 2021, pp. 1633–1664.

Arrow Meets Hotelling: Innovation in the Product Space (with Steven Callander and Niko Matouschek), American Economic Association: Papers and Proceedings, Vol. 111, May 2021, 538–543.

Dynamic Belief Elicitation (with Christopher Chambers), Econometrica, Vol. 89(1), January 2021, pp. 375–414.

Motivational Ratings (with Johannes Hörner), Review of Economic Studies, Vol. 88(4), July 2021, pp. 1892–1935.

Judgment Error in Lottery Play: When the Hot-Hand Meets the Gambler's Fallacy (with Georg Granic, Qingxia Kong and Chung-Piaw Teo), Management Science, Vol. 66(2), February 2020, pp. 844–862.

Strategic Trading in Informationally Complex Environments (with Michael Ostrovsky and Mikhail Panov), Econometrica, Vol. 86(4), July 2018, pp. 1119–1157. (Lead Article.)

Proper Scoring Rules with General Preferences: A Dual Characterization of Optimal Reports (with Christopher Chambers and Paul J Healy), Games and Economic Behavior, Vol. 117, September 2019, pp. 322–341.

Collective Choice in Dynamic Public Good Provision (with Renee Bowen and George Georgiadis), American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, Vol. 11(1), February 2019, pp. 243–298.

On Equilibria on Games with Imperfect Recall (with Adrian Marple and Yoav Shoham), Games and Economic Behavior, Vol. 113, January 2019, pp. 164–185.

An Axiomatic Characterization of Wagering Mechanisms (with Yiling Chen, John Langford, David Pennock, Daniel Reeves, Yoav Shoham and Jennifer Wortman Vaughan), Journal of Economic Theory, Vol. 156, March 2015, pp. 389–416.

Mostly Calibrated (with Yossi Feinberg), International Journal of Game Theory, Vol. 44(1), February 2015, pp. 153–163.

Auctions for Social Lending: A Theoretical Analysis (with Ning Chen and Arpita Ghosh), Games and Economic Behavior, Vol. 86, July 2014, pp. 367–391.

Only Valuable Experts Can Be Valued (with Moshe Babaioff, Liad Blumrosen and Omer Reingold), ACM EC 2011.

Eliciting Truthful Answers to Multiple-Choice Questions (with Yoav Shoham), ACM EC 2009.

  • ACM EC best paper and best student paper awards.

Social Lending (with Ning Chen and Arpita Ghosh), ACM EC 2009.

Truthful Surveys (with Yoav Shoham), WINE 2008.

Eliciting Properties of Probability Distributions (with David Pennock and Yoav Shoham), ACM EC 2008.

Self-Financed Wagering Mechanisms for Forecasting (with Yiling Chen, John Langford, David Pennock, Daniel Reeves, Yoav Shoham and Jennifer Wortman Vaughan), ACM EC 2008.

  • ACM EC best paper award.

Complexity of Combinatorial Market Makers (with Yiling Chen, Lance Fortnow, David Pennock and Jenn Wortman Vaughan), ACM EC 2008.

Near-Optimal Search in Continuous Domains (with Ronen Brafman, Samuel leong and Yoav Shoham), AAAI 2007.

Asymptotically Optimal Repeated Auctions for Sponsored Search (with Yoav Shoham), ICEC 2007.

Introduction to Dynamic Belief Elicitation (with Christopher Chambers), SIGecom Exchanges, Vol. 14(1), June 2015.

Eliciting Properties of Probability Distributions: The Highlights (with David Pennock and Yoav Shoham), SIGecom Exchanges, Vol. 7(3), November 2008.

Other Publications

Les Entreprises face à la Politique Européenne de la Concurrence (with Emmanuel Farhi), Presses de l'École des Mines, 2006, ISBN 291176272X.
Our book reports on the evolution of the European antitrust policy and merger regulations (in French).


Fall 2023: ECON 564 — Introduction to Market Design (taught at USC)
Fall 2022, 2023: ECON 601 — Microeconomic Theory I (taught at USC)
Spring 2022: 14.18 — Mathematical Economic Modeling (taught at MIT)
Fall 2020, 2021: 14.03 — Microeconomic Theory and Public Policy (taught at MIT)
Fall 2020: 14.19 — Market Design (taught at MIT)
Fall 2017: ECON 460 — Financial Economics (taught at Yale)
Winter 2014, 2015, 2016, 2019: MGTECON 203 — Managerial Economics Accelerated (taught at Stanford)
Winter 2016, Spring 2018: MGTECON 632 — Topics in Continuous Time Dynamics (taught at Stanford)
Spring 2013, 2014: MGTECON 615 — Topics in Economics of Information (taught at Stanford)
Winter 2013: ECON 49 — Economics for Non-Econ Majors (taught at Stanford)
Winter 2011, 2012: MGTECON 200 — Managerial Economics (taught at Stanford)