Traverse of Turkestan range ― South-West Kyrgyzstan (2011)

Leg 3: From Aksu valley to Karasu pass (July 18-20)


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In Aksu valley we had our first delivery of food, including some fresh apples and tomatoes. We ascended Aktubek pass (marked 1.9.2 on the map below), descended into the valley of the Rtachashma river, before crossing Kosh-Maynok and Karasu passes (1.8.2 and 1.8.4, respectively), which lead into the Karasu valley (Karavshin area). I had already done this beautiful portion of the trip in 2004.


Topographic map for leg 3. Click here to see the map at better resolution. (Black vertical lines in the map are distant by 9.5 km.)



In Aksu valley.


First food delivery. The delivery was made by Nuredin (in blue shirt, with traditional Kyrgyz hat), from Uzgarish village, the same horseman with whom I had travelled in 2004!


Peak Aksu (5355m).



Peak Iskander (5120m) seen while ascending Aktubek pass.


Other views during the ascent of Aktubek pass.




Glacier below Aktubek pass.


Slava (yellow jacket) and Maksim (blue jacket) at Aktubek pass (4383 m).



Two views toward the east from Aktubek pass, with peak Pyramidal (5509m) in the background.



An interesting rock in the cliff of the previous picture.


In the valley of Rtachashma river.



View while ascending Kosh-Maynok pass (1.8.2), with Aktubek pass still visible on the right of the snowy peak in the background.


View between Kosh-Maynok pass and Karasu pass.


Slava reaching Karasu pass (1.8.4, 3700m).



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