Traverse of Turkestan range ― South-West Kyrgyzstan (2011)

Leg 4: From Karasu pass to Djaupaya valley (July 20-22)


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From Karasu pass (1.8.4 in the map below), we hiked down into the Karasu valley, with beautiful views of two big walls, Asan (4230m) and Usen (4378m). We spent a night there and then moved to the next valley (Aksu river) which boasts more big walls, including peak Slesov (also called Russian Tower). Note that since Aksu and Karasu mean white and black water, respectively, these are common names for rivers. From the valley of the Aksu river, we hiked to the next valley (Djaupaya river). All three rivers, Karasu, Aksu and Djaupaya, merge together to form Karavshin river.


Topographic map for leg 4. Click here to see the map at better resolution. (Black vertical lines in the map are distant by 9.5 km.)



Spectacular alignment of peaks seen from Karasu pass. From left to right: Kotina (4521m), Kyrkchilta (4507m), and 4810 (4810m). Peaks Usen and Asan are further to the right and not visible on this photo.


Another view from Karasu pass, with peak Slesov visible near the center slightly to the left.


Two views (evening and morning, respectively) of Karasu valley, with peak Asan (4230m) in the center and peak Pyramidal (5509m) in the background.



Our camp in Karasu valley.


Maksim talking with a shepherd at our camp.


Last view of Karasu valley before we turned around into the Aksu valley on its east.


Entering Aksu valley.


In Aksu valley.


Maksim crossing Aksu river (not so white) on a slippery bridge on a late afternoon, when the water level was the highest due to snow and ice melting upward.


Remain of a rocket from previous fights in the Aksu valley between the Kyrgyz army and infiltrators coming from Afghanistan.


Peak Ortotyubek (Central Pyramid, 3850m), in the middle of the picture, and peak Slesov (Russian Tower, 4240m) on its right (north).



Other views of peaks Ortotyubek and Slesov.



Other views of peak Slesov.



Upper part of the Aksu valley.


Kyrkchilta (4507 м), also called ′1000th Anniversary of Russia Christening′, left, and Kotina (4521m), right.


View of peaks 4810, Kyrkchilta, and Kotina, from left to right at the center of the photo, seen from the ridge separating the Aksu and Djaupaya valleys. Peak Pyramidal is hidden behind peak 4810.


Two more pictures of these peaks and other peaks behind them, taken later while ascending Verhniy-Djaupayskiy pass between the valleys of Djaupaya and Tamingen rivers.




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