Interface LinearizationFactory

public interface LinearizationFactory

A factory for linearization objects.

See Also:
ExtendedTransformation.getFactory(), UnscentedTransformation.getFactory()

Method Summary
 Linearization linearize(NoisyVectorFunction f, Gaussian px)
          Creates a new linearization.

Method Detail


public Linearization linearize(NoisyVectorFunction f,
                               Gaussian px)
Creates a new linearization.

f - a vector function that takes a (n + m)-by-1 vector as input and returns a k-by-1 vector; the function's input is x stacked on top of v
px - a Gaussian distribution (in the moment parameterization) over the n-by-1 vector x (which can be partitioned into several sub-variables)
IllegalArgumentException - if the sum dimension of px and pv does not match the input dimension of f