Across Ladakh and Zanskar (July-September 2013):

1. Phyang to Nurla


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Phyang′s monastery, the start of the long trek.

ladakh-2013-set1 064


The village of Taru, which had been severely damaged during a major storm in August 2010.

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ladakh-2013-set1 073


Village of Nimo, with the Markha valley in the back.

ladakh-2013-set1 087


Gompa and fort of Basgo.

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ladakh-2013-set1 101


Valley of Basgo Dogpo between Basgo and Nye.

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ladakh-2013-set1 128


Typical house in the Basgo Dogpo valley.

ladakh-2013-set1 112


Man in traditional Ladakhi dress in the Basgo Dogpo valley.

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Between Nye and Likir, the scenery looked more like desert than mountain.

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ladakh-2013-set1 172


Likir monastery.

ladakh-2013-set1 137


Village of Yangtang.

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The path between Yangtang and Nurla was an alternation of long stony sections and small green patches around villages.

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At the small gompa of Hemis Shugpachan.

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ladakh-2013-set1 160


Gompa of Tingsmogang.

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Other trek sections:

1.    Phyang to Nurla

2.  Nurla to Wanla

3.  Wanla to Kanji

4.  Kanji to Dibling

5.  Dibling to Zangla

6.  Zangla to Zara Chu

7.  Zara Chu to Padum

8.  Murobok to Hundar



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