Across Ladakh and Zanskar (July-September 2013):

5. Dibling to Zangla


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The path along the Oma Chu river between Dibling and Zingchan is often difficult and somewhat dangerous. The river crossings are never easy and the sides of the valley are steep with narrow or no trails.

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Reaching Zingchan settlement.

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Enjoying chang (fermented barley) in Zingchan.

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View toward the north from Parpi La (pass #10, 3900m).

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Views of the Zanskar river toward the north ...

ladakh-2013-set3 076


... and toward the south from a small promontoire above Parpi La.

ladakh-2013-set2 011


Along the Zanskar river.

ladakh-2013-set3 078


In Hanumil village.

ladakh-2013-set3 082


The rather grim village of Pigmo.

ladakh-2013-set3 094


In a house at Pigmo.

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Foot bridge over the Zanskar river at Pigmo.

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View over Zangla village and Zanskar valley from Zangla fort.

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At the nunnery of Zangla.

ladakh-2013-set3 148


Harvesting green peas in Zangla.

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ladakh-2013-set3 167


Fort of Zangla.

ladakh-2013-set3 171


On the way to the fort.

ladakh-2013-set3 123


A close view of the fort.

ladakh-2013-set3 130


The roof of a chorten near the fort. The four concentric square box-type layers seem to be a remnant of Zoroastrian culture. They represent the four Zoroastrian elements earth, water, air and fire, the latter being the highest, as it is touched first by the sun′s rays. The same pattern also appears in the roof of homes in the Pamir.

ladakh-2013-set3 126


A ′wolf trap′ near Zangla fort. In the winter people put dead animals in the circular hole. Hungry wolves jump into the trap to eat the animals, but cannot get out. I have seen several such traps during this trip.

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