Across Ladakh and Zanskar (July-September 2013):

3. Wanla to Kanji


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Entry into the spectacular canyon of the Shillakong river.

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Along the Shillakong canyon. This narrow canyon is about 12km long. The side walls are 2 to 4 hundred meters high. Hiking between the two ends of the canyon requires fording the Shillakong river several dozen times. The river originates in a large glacier (the Chomotang glacier) visible on the map above. Fording is easy in the morning, but becomes increasingly difficult in the afternoon.

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ladakh-2013-set1 301

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Highly textured rock wall in the canyon.

ladakh-2013-set1 302


Our camp on a small platform above the river mid-way along the canyon, with Dorjee Tundup (my team′s horseman) repairing wood horse saddles.

ladakh-2013-set1 311

ladakh-2013-set1 309


The Shillakong river in the afternoon when we arrived at the camp, and in the morning when we left it.

ladakh-2013-set1 330

ladakh-2013-set1 331


More rock walls above our camp.

ladakh-2013-set1 336

ladakh-2013-set1 333

ladakh-2013-set1 339


At the end of the canyon starting the ascent of Yogmi La (pass #7).

ladakh-2013-set1 346


View from Yogmi La (4720m) toward Kanji (north-west).

ladakh-2013-set1 351


View of Yogmi La from the small settlement of Dumbur.

ladakh-2013-set1 354


Our camp at Dumbur.

ladakh-2013-set1 360


Re-shoeing one of our horses along the way.

ladakh-2013-set1 374


Kanji village.

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ladakh-2013-set1 380


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2.  Nurla to Wanla

3.  Wanla to Kanji

4.  Kanji to Dibling

5.  Dibling to Zangla

6.  Zangla to Zara Chu

7.  Zara Chu to Padum

8.  Murobok to Hundar



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