Across Ladakh and Zanskar (July-September 2013):

4. Kanji to Dibling


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Valley of the Kong Togpo, which flows from the south toward Kanji.

ladakh-2013-set1 386


ladakh-2013-set1 387


Our camp before starting the ascent toward Kanji La (pass #8).

ladakh-2013-set1 389


During the ascent of Kanji La (located on the right-hand side of the glacier).

ladakh-2013-set1 396


Our camp below the pass (just before a nasty storm).

ladakh-2013-set1 398


View toward the north while ascending Kanji La.

ladakh-2013-set1 402


Getting close.

ladakh-2013-set1 413


At the pass (5250m).

ladakh-2013-set1 425


View toward the south-west from Kanji La.

ladakh-2013-set1 431


Descent from Kanji La (so many stones!)

ladakh-2013-set1 430


ladakh-2013-set1 433


ladakh-2013-set1 436


Reaching the Kanji-La Togpo, which flows west toward Rangdum.

ladakh-2013-set1 440


To reach our camp we had to cross the Kanji-La Togpo in the late afternoon. For this crossing I rode this horse, which is seen here crossing back for a better pasture on the opposite side of our camp. Unfortunately, this friendly horse was killed by a snow leopard a few days later.

ladakh-2013-set1 445


The upper Kanji-La Togpo toward Pudzong La (pass #9).

ladakh-2013-set1 463


Glacier along the way.

ladakh-2013-set1 458


At Pudzong La (5020m).

ladakh-2013-set1 467


During the descent.

ladakh-2013-set1 470


Higher part of the Oma Chu valley, with the small isolated village of Dibling visible at the bottom.

ladakh-2013-set1 474


In Dibling village (with our camp visible in the first photo).

ladakh-2013-set1 487


ladakh-2013-set1 497


ladakh-2013-set1 515


People of Dibling.

ladakh-2013-set1 500

ladakh-2013-set1 505

ladakh-2013-set1 507

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