Across Ladakh and Zanskar (July-September 2013):

8. Murobok to Hundar


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I had a few extra days after returning to Leh from the long trek. I used them to cross the mountain range between the Indus and the Shyog and Nubra rivers, with the same support team, except for a new horseman.


The start of the trek at Murobok a few kilometers north of Phyang, with a view of the Ladakhi mountains on the south side of the Indus.

ladakh-2013-set4 604


Approaching Lasermo La (pass #20).

ladakh-2013-set4 607


ladakh-2013-set4 608


At Lasermo La (5550m).

ladakh-2013-set4 610


Descent in the snow on the north side of Lasermo La. As we reached the pass early in the morning, the snow was hard enough to support the horses and their loads.

ladakh-2013-set4 618


ladakh-2013-set4 624


In the valley below the pass.

ladakh-2013-set4 631


Our camp in the valley.

ladakh-2013-set4 630


Water reflection in the morning.

ladakh-2013-set4 643


Our path followed the Thanglasgo river.

ladakh-2013-set4 647

ladakh-2013-set4 652


The first major junction of two valleys (seen in the map above).

ladakh-2013-set4 670


Drawings of ibex on a rock.

ladakh-2013-set4 673


Further down along Thanglasgo river, there are a few hamlets like the one below (I believe it is Skarchen).

ladakh-2013-set4 691


Below the hamlets, the valley morphs progressively into an impressive gorge.

ladakh-2013-set4 700


ladakh-2013-set4 707

ladakh-2013-set4 717

ladakh-2013-set4 722


The gorge finally ends into the Shyog valley at Hundar. An old fort (of which mainly a circular and a square towers remain) stands there above the Shyog valley. The white circular tower is visible in middle of the photo.

ladakh-2013-set4 732


A close view of the white circular tower.

ladakh-2013-set4 757


The square tower.

ladakh-2013-set4 751


Spectacular schist cliff above Hundar. This was the end of the short trek. From there we returned to Leh by car.

ladakh-2013-set4 762


Sand dunes in the Shyog valley seen from the road.

ladakh-2013-set4 763


Confluence of the Shyog and Nubra rivers.

ladakh-2013-set4 772


The impressive road up to Kardung La (pass #21).

ladakh-2013-set4 782


ladakh-2013-set4 783


As one can imagine this road requires an amazing amount of hard and dangerous work.

ladakh-2013-set4 786


At Kardung La (5340m).

ladakh-2013-set4 787


The descent toward Leh.

ladakh-2013-set4 789


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